Webinar: “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities”

Webinar: “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities”
Date: Monday, July 27th
Time: 1PM CST
Cost: FREE (Advanced online registration required)

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America Walks’ second series of “Walking College” webinars launches July 27th. Designed for the Walking College Fellowship program, and open to a general audience, this webinar focuses on fundraising – one of the biggest challenges for local community change agents.

First, Brighid O’Keane, Walking College Mentor and Interim Director with the Alliance for Biking & Walking, will provide an overview of the following fundraising strategies:

  • Planning for fundraising and financial leadership
  • Anatomy of a winning grant proposal
  • Finding local funding sources
  • Online fundraising
  • Consulting and contracts
  • Earned income
  • Public dollars for walkability
  • Where to start and what’s next?

For each topic, Brighid will provide helpful tips and cautions about mistakes to avoid.

Then, David Weinberger, City Partnerships Director with the ioby (“in our back yards”) crowd-funding website focus on neighborhood-scale projects, will describe his organization’s crowd-resource funding strategies. David believes firmly in the power of crowd-sourcing to stimulate meaningful community involvement in urban planning, and create measurable, community-driven change in neighborhoods everywhere.

Free online registration HERE

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