We’re fans of bicycling, for about every reason you can think of. One of our goals is to increase awareness of all the benfits, break through the “We can’t do it here!” mindset of residents and village officials alike, and start working to improve both the rate and safety of biking.

One of the main projects will be Kidical Mass, part of a growing national movement of community bike riding:

"Kidical Mass"

These are organized,  family friendly bike rides through a community. They generally meet at a park and end not too far away at another fun spot (park, ice cream shop, pool, or special event). It’s a way to get kids and their parents out and about, to show kids just how easily they can get from place to place under their own power, and might even convince some of the local merchants and eateries to provide bike-friendly amenities!

There will be much more to come on this topic!

NEW! Map of Bike Racks in the Round Lake Area!

Click “View Larger Map” above to go to the actual Google Maps page, which you can bookmark/favorite!

If you want to share the map with friends, here’s a shortened URL for convenience:

The winner will receive a Deluxe Bicycle Tune-up from the wonderful folks at B&G Cyclery in Round Lake Beach!


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