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Suburbia and the American Dream

This article most certainly is in the category of “If you can only read a couple of posts, make this one of them”! Article Link at Strong Towns: Suburbia and the American Dream Suburban sprawl, characterized by enormous houses, big-box … Continue reading

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Watch out for this planning pitfall at the start

So let’s assume that we have a receptive Village Administration (!) and enough interest in the community that we’re going to tackle a project of benefit to us. We can have bucketfulls of enthusiasm and volunteers with extensive “project management” experience, and … Continue reading


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The sorry state of neighborhood design in America: a mother writes

Article Link: The sorry state of neighbourhood design in America: a mother writes I am German, have lived in the US for 18 years and have raised three children here. I very much miss the German way of being able to … Continue reading

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Wheeling adopts plan for improving walking, biking and access to transit

Definite signs of a community which has places worth walking and biking to, which values them, and wants to make a good situation even better! The folks over at the Active Transportation Alliance tell us what’s happening in Wheeling IL: … Continue reading

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