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Repairing the “Fabric” of our Lives

Sorry, could’t help but borrow the line from the old Cotton marketing campaign. We’re going to take a very quick look at “Repair” and “Recycle” from the “R”s of Sustainability. (Reduce / Re-use / Recycle / Repair / Repurpose / Rehome) as they … Continue reading


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Guerrilla Gardening – 1

Weeks with weather like we’re having now are considered AWESOME by those of us who practice a type of Tactical Urbanism called “Guerrilla Gardening“. This involves private individuals and small groups taking action to covertly re-green and add value to … Continue reading

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Sunday Small-Business Blues

So this is the first “nice” weekend of spring (after that extra-nasty winter), and we were out and about today like good American consumers, spending money here, and planning to spend money later there. (That IS what we’re supposed to do, isn’t it? … Continue reading

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Local beats Corporate… again!

Have you shopped for a snow-shovel in Round Lake Beach lately? Maybe reload on some other supplies like roof de-icer? Unable to wait any longer, the RLB Home Depot removed their “Winter is here!” section the second week of January, … Continue reading

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Fallen Fruit

This picture shows the healthy, loaded apple tree in front of the RLB Village Hall, southwest side by the RLB Police Dept offices. The apples have a nice crunch, and a wonderful sweet/tart flavor like Gala or Braeburn. This post will tell … Continue reading

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