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Low-value neighborhoods by design: Parks I

Steve Mouzon (head of Mouzon Design, an architecture and urban design firm) makes it pretty clear why our newer subdivisions have such a lousy relationship to the open spaces (mostly parks) contained within. This leads to these parks and spaces being greatly under-utilized and having … Continue reading


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Farmers Markets & Low-Income Communities

“Will we ever get a Farmers’ Market here in the Round Lake area?” We hear that question a lot, and will continue to explore that over several posts like this one, which deals with a common mis-perception about the cost … Continue reading

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Snowy cul-de-sacs cost more in city services

Now that the snow has finally arrived, this article [.pdf] in “Milwaukee Magazine” might be of interest for those of us living in the newer part of town on the north side. At some point we have all experienced the effects of traveling through a neighborhood … Continue reading

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“As land use planning changes, ‘zoning’ is no longer appropriate”

If you’ve read anything in this blog yet, you’ve quickly discovered that we’re not big fans of “Zoning”, legislating land use based on function or use, and then only single-use at that. Fortunately, there is a rapidly-spreading awareness of everything we’ve … Continue reading

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Upcoming Webinars: “Economic Impact of Women Bicyclists” and “Promoting Cycling and Walking”

… and the kicker is that both of these (while free) are scheduled for the same day and the exact same start time a week from now! Q: Are any of our local village officials making use of these free … Continue reading

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“Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” Works!

Here’s another example of what can happen when the people actually living and working in a place get to decide what to do with it! The Department of Transportation (DOT) approved the Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance’s application to make the … Continue reading

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Webinar: Child and Age-friendly Communities (Fostering communities as if ALL people mattered)

Webinar: Child and Age-friendly Communities (Fostering communities as if all people  mattered) When: Fri, Feb 15, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CST Presenter: Mildred Warner , Lydia Morken , Dorian Block Host: American Planning Association, the Ohio Chapter Cost: Free … Continue reading

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