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Round Lake Area Bike Racks

So maybe we talked you into dusting-off your bicycle and tooling around our village to see what it’s like on two wheels. Wouldn’t it be nice if you DID find someplace you wanted to go to, that once you were there you … Continue reading

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To help you imagine…

Without even the wreckage of an old “downtown district” or village center from which to “re-build”, several residents have told us that they can’t even picture what a downtown here would look like, were there to be one in the wastelands between … Continue reading


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A Look at the “Replacement Generation” – I

As we examine policies and practices which guide planning and construction, it is critical that we consider “Why do we think the things we do?”, as embodied into Zoning, Codes, and Ordinances. Some of our actions are also the result of cultural … Continue reading

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