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Movies In The Park

In our compact little village (only 5 sq. miles or so in size), we should easily find those spaces and places where we come together as community and neighbors. We should… Not quite as easy to find “The Commons” when … Continue reading

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Food for your Homestead

As the economy continues to stagnate, the “trickle-down” of Federal funds trickles even less due to the “Sequester“, and the State of Illinois falls further behind in payments. Belts are tightened another notch, and the local and regional outlooks for the … Continue reading


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Roundabout: Half-time Update

With a scheduled re-opening date of Thursday August 15th, the project to convert the 4-way “STOP” intersection of Monaville and Cedar Lake Roads in about half-way through the alloted project time. Several of us have been checking out the progress on the … Continue reading

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Rollins Road Gateway Update – July 2013

Rollins Road Gateway Update: We contacted the Lake County Division of Transportation earlier in the week re: getting ANY kind of news or updates regarding the Rollins Road Gateway project, especially since construction is publicized to begin in July of 2013 (Hey, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the old Applebee’s location

… and an update. It wasn’t just the RLB Applebee’s. The Franchise holder for all Applebee’s in Illinois went bankrupt a few months ago. There was a sale of assets, during which potential new owners would have a chance to … Continue reading

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