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… As If People Mattered

A while ago, our group read this great piece which reflects on design and impact of buildings with and without the “benefit” of an architect: “Architecture As If People And The Planet Mattered”, by Taz Loomans. It “hit home” with all of us. … Continue reading


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Another skinny example

The subdivided retail unit next to the Round Lake Beach Kohl’s is STILL vacant. (We’ve been coming up with examples of other, successful businesses and activities which could make use of the space, but no takers so far. As shown in our original post about … Continue reading

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Yay! Another Strip Mall!

Well, it was time for more “growth”, so they broke out the ol’ “What Should We Build Next?” Wheel.  When the “Build a Downtown” option fell off decades ago, it was replaced with “Spin Again”. They since have gotten so used to all the options … Continue reading

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A look at LZ’s “Rock The Block”

While we don’t have to “copy” other villages and towns for ideas of what to do in our own, it is prudent to see what works (and what doesn’t) for our neighbors AND find out the “why” and “how” in each case. … Continue reading

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Vacant is as Vacant does

Decided to check for signs of life at the vacant retail unit next to Sally Beauty Supplies while getting some greeting cards at Ann’s Hallmark (same building as the Kohl’s). No sign of life. In fact, the “Unit For Lease” window … Continue reading

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