Online Conversation: “Putting Technology to Work in Building Community”

Online Conversation: “Putting Technology to Work in Building Community”
Who: Peter Block and John McKnight, authors of “The Abundant Community”
When: Tues, May 13, Noon – 1PM Central.
– FREE –

Peter, John and guest Ed Everett (strategist at will talk for about a half hour on how technology and social media can bring neighbors closer together (in person as well as cyberspace) and strengthen community ties. Then they’ll open-up the conversation for questions and comments from listeners.

Link to Event Page w/details

Past conversations are archived and available for listening/download at your convenience.

“We are discovering that it takes a village to do more than raise a child; it is the key to a satisfying life. It turns out we need our neighbors and a community to produce jobs, be healthy, protect the land, and care for the elderly and those on the margin.

Each neighborhood has people with the gifts and talents needed to provide for our prosperity and peace of mind. We ALL have gifts to offer, even the most seemingly marginal among us.”

Additional Links:
Book: “The Abundant Community

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