No Left Turns!

Read on to make sure you don’t get a traffic stop from “RLB’s Finest“!

By now, we all know that Rollins Road has that “slight” construction detour, on a dedicated bit of pavement we’ll use for most of the next year until things are dug out under the railroad tracks and new pavement is down and striped.

What is catching a LOT of area drivers off-guard though is a major change at the intersection of Mallard Creek Drive and Rollins Road. Heading south from the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center, or exiting Regal Cinemas, we’re all used to being able to turn left (eastbound) onto Rollins Road.

This is what we’ve had for a while (looking south, at Rollins Road):

What we're used to...

Photo: Google Street View

During the two weeks that the Rollins Road / Rt 83 intersection was closed, left turns from Mallard Creek Drive onto eastbound Rollins Road were insanely easy because there was virtually no cross-traffic. However…

… with the return of full traffic (ramping-up to soon become “Holiday Traffic), the removal of the traffic signal, and the pavement being displaced because of the detour, those left turns are no longer safe.

For the last week, there has been a “No Left Turns” sign posted, but it has gone un-noticed (or ignored) by most of the drivers who went through that intersection (we know this because a couple of us camped out there to observe!)

We contacted Mark Molnar, Resident Project Engineer for the Rollins Gateway Project for clarification on this potentially-troublesome intersection. From Mr. Molnar:

“Left turns will continue to be banned throughout the winter as the geometry of the roads does not make that turn safe.

We will be re-working the striping there to hopefully more strongly discourage people from making that illegal left.”

Here’s a look at the new striping. Notice that there is now no left-turn lane!

Mallard Creek Striping

If you look closely, you can see the stop line is actually a diagonal, giving drivers a strong hint to turn to the right!
Also, there is clearly no left-turn lane present.

Clear roadway markings will certainly be helpful, but then again, longtime habits can be sometimes hard to break! This guys was just one of dozens we watched over 30-minutes.

Illegal Left Turn

Same for this driver, who expects to turn left and will do so, traffic markings or not!
(Note the left turn-signal caught in mid-flash…)

Rollins Left Turn

Heck, even the project’s “Traffic Cam” is catching drivers in the act!

Traffic Cam

How it’s SPOZE’D to work:

Lining up for the turn

So, plan ahead if you’re used to being able to “Hang a Louie!” at that intersection. We have seen RLBPD out at least once on what look like “Enforcement” duties there; don’t know if they were ticketing or just “warning”.

Now you know!

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2 Responses to No Left Turns!

  1. angiew1943 says:

    OMG! Chill, please……when this is finished we will be so happy to not have those horrendous lights at Rollins and 83 and Hainesville Road….. so a few confused people broke the rules……has anyone died? I am sure this is not a common occurrence, and everyone needs to watch for traffic while the construction is going on….if someone is breaking the rules, let him be, and if the PD catches him so be it.

    • Ed Fuhrmann says:

      Angie, sorry to tell you but when this is finished there most certainly WILL be traffic lights back at Rollins Road & Rt 83 as well as Rollins and Hainesville Roads. What should be missing is the frequent back-ups caused by all the rail crossings.

      I don’t think the author is trying to be a “Traffic Nazi”. The traffic pattern has changed, and if I remember correctly something like 20,000+ cars vehicles per day travel on Rollins Road through Round Lake Beach. Looks like a might-big “Heads Up!” to me.


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