Round Lake Area Bike Racks

So maybe we talked you into dusting-off your bicycle and tooling around our village to see what it’s like on two wheels. Wouldn’t it be nice if you DID find someplace you wanted to go to, that once you were there you could secure your bike and have peace of mind about not having to walk home? Same here!

Bike Friendly DecalIf you’re a cyclist, you know that a “Bicycle Friendly” location is more likely to draw your attention. Likewise, if you’re a local business-owner (or manage a local Park District, hint hint!), you want to maximize your attractiveness to potential customers, in this case by being more accessible (and secure) and becoming a “Bicycle Friendly” Business.

So, a couple of days ago we headed out in different directions specifically looking for bicycle racks in the Round Lake area (OK, everybody was out doing chores that day anyway), with the purpose of letting you know where they are.

Presenting our public Google map of Round Lake Area Bike Racks!

The map above is a LIVE MAP! Zoom in and out, drag it to show different locations, and click on an icon to get more information about the location, and any additional info we may have about the rack or its setting.

If you would like to set this map to a bookmark / favorite, or send the link to a friend, please use the link below, which will open a new window, with its own dedicated web address / URL. The full Google Maps page will also have a text listing of all the locations, and a note from us:


We know that there are some which we missed on our first “go ’round”, and we hope that there will be many more added in the future. If you know of a bike rack which needs to be added to the map, please let us know! You can comment to this post, make a post on our FB page, or send us a message on FB.

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