Webinar – Walkability: The Health and Wellness Equation

Webinar – Walkability: The Health and Wellness Equation
Date and Time: Wednesday Aug 6th, 2015 at 1pm Central Time
Cost: FREE (Advanced online registration required)

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Learn the strategies and steps that are making towns, of all sizes, healthy and accessible to everyone again.

In this session sponsored by AmericaWalks, Dan Burden, one of the early pioneers in North America’s walkability movement–coining the terms ‘Road Diets,’ ‘Walkability Audit,’ before-and-after ‘photomorphs’ and inspiring Complete Streets conversions–will address the link and bond between walking and health.

Walking is much more than basic transportation and recreation; it is the key to health, longevity and affordable living. If we want more equitable communities, more accessible communities, then walking must become a safe, natural activity again.

Ocean Grove Main Ave

The steps towards more walkable, healthy, livable communities will validate many of your own thoughts; after all, they are based on common sense, patterns, and science, all which have lead to best practices and strategies that produce real [positive] results.

Whatever level of engagement, if you are one of the pioneers or new to this craft, you will find benefit in this presentation and exchange.

Free online registration: HERE
Archive of Previous Webinars HERE

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