Rollins Road Gateway Update – July 2013

Rollins Road Gateway Update:

We contacted the Lake County Division of Transportation earlier in the week re: getting ANY kind of news or updates regarding the Rollins Road Gateway project, especially since construction is publicized to begin in July of 2013 (Hey, that’s NOW)! Based on the reply…

– Lake County received very competitive bids for the project and has recently awarded a contract to the qualified low bidder, F.H.Paschn, S.H.Nielsen & Assoc., LLC. LCDOT will meet with the winning bidder next week for a pre-construction conference with the contractor.

– To help with public outreach, Lake County will be hosting a public “Open House” for those interested in the project to attend sometime in the next few weeks (date to be finalized). This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the specifics of the project and to meet the professionals that will be managing the construction phase.

– The construction webpage for the project will be activated next week, and will be an important tool for keeping area residents, businesses and motorists updated on the project and the status of construction activity. Info should be reflected on the project FB page as well.

–  The project is expected to begin “very soon”.

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