Webinar: Building Community Resilience Through Courageous Storytelling

Webinar: “Building Community Resilience Through Courageous Storytelling” When: Thurs April 18, 2013 / 1:00pm – 2:15pm CST
Cost: FREE, but online advance registration is required. Login instructions will be sent upon registration!

Webinar Description: “A shared story and history that gives a community a sense of itself — its struggles and lineage — can be an important source of resilience. From its own experience, a community can draw examples and role models for bouncing back from hardships. In this tele-seminar, we will explore ways of developing our story as communities in transition, and how important fresh narratives can be for unleashing a coherent “transition town”  initiative. Various guests will join the conversation.”

Words like “narrative” and “dialogue” can sound a bit wishy-washy when you and your family are doing all you can to make ends meet in this challenging economy. We ARE however, for better or for worse, part of our community… what we think of it, what OTHERS think of it, what it can actually do, and what we can do for it.

Without a strong local history or dominant culture to give us a sense of identity, we should at least have something we’re working towards to BUILD identity, spirit, a sense of community, having something here worth belonging to. The cost of NOT having that includes less desire for families and businesses to invest here, and less reason for our young adults to stay after they graduate.

We should have an answer for:

  • “What does it mean, to be from Round Lake Beach?”
  • “What are the goals of the Village, its ideals?”
  • “Does it hold itself in high-regard; what do its neighbors think and how did they get to their conclusions?”
  • “What does the future hold for Round Lake Beach on its current path?”
  • “Do we WANT that?” “Can we change that?” “How?”

Link to info/registration: Building Community Resilience Through Courageous Storytelling

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