Webinar: “How Can a Microbrewery Grow Your Local Economy?”

Webinar: “How Can a Microbrewery Grow Your Local Economy?”
When: Thurs, Jan 10, 2013 @ 10am CST
Cost: $95 for IEDC members, $135 for Non-members

Q: Did any of our Village officials, or anyone in the Chamber of Commerce utilize this resource?

“Microbreweries offer substantial opportunities for communities. Not only do they allow for re-using vacant space, they also create local jobs; attract new companies or expand existing ones; and increase the tax base.

Sampling events are VERY popular

Sampling events are VERY popular!

Attend our web seminar on Economic Beer Gardening and:

• Hear from the perspective of a microbrewer, the steps that an economic development professional can take to attract and support microbreweries to their community.

• Learn from detailed new data that supports the strong economic impact of microbreweries, including growth potential, job creation, and growth in tax revenue.

• Understand the importance of place-making in nurturing microbrewery growth and how to capitalize on the success of microbreweries in your community.

• See how buzz created from local breweries can impact everything from tourism to research at your local university; lessons learned by our experts can help you as you explore microbreweries potential in your community or look to capitalize on those already pouring pints and growlers.”

Libertyville, Mundelein, and Grayslake all have micro-breweries/brew-pubs  operating as retail establishments, and now Lake Zurich is strongly considering a micro-distillery operating on the same model (and make note that “The distillery’s business model was presented as a destination and tourist attraction“).

In the US, our relationship with alcohol has frankly been rather weird since Prohibition. There are still some “Village Elders” who see all things alcohol as “Eeeee-vil!” , and can barely tolerate the concept of allowing any local eatery to serve alcohol in an outdoor seating area (much less actually CREATING alcohol within village limits).

In the mean-time, tastes change, home-brewing and wine-making experience tremendous growth (two new businesses opened recently in Lake Co to support demand: Gurnee and Libertyville), more consumers want to support local businesses and keep money in their communities, etc., etc.

What do YOU think? Can we support something like a brewpub in the Round Lake area? Can it be the basis to revitalize an area, or should it go to someplace which already has “life”? When you picture a brewpub, what else do you picture nearby?

Link to: How Can a Microbrewery Grow Your Local Economy?

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