Webinar: “Streets as Places”

Webinar: “Streets as Places”
Speakers: Gary Toth (Senior Director, Transportation Initiatives, Project for Public Spaces) and Kate Rube (Transportation Program Manager, Project for Public Spaces)
When: Tues, Dec 18 2012 @ 1pm CST
Cost: Free (but advance online registration IS required)

Q: Will any of our Village officials utilize this free resource?

This webinar will focus on opportunities to create streets that are not only good for mobility, but are also public spaces and destinations in their own right. Speakers will present case studies that range from revitalized Main Streets, street plazas and parklets, and flexible street designs that allow for festivals and celebrations.

Across the country, communities are realizing the value of vibrant streets and districts that support local commerce and culture. This webinar will focus on how planning for streets as places—in the right context—can also improve traditional performance measures (safety, throughput and travel time) as well.

Brought to you by FHWA, in partnership with the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), and the INDUS Corporation.

Link to more info and registration: “Streets as Places” Webinar

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