“10 Benefits of Creating Good Public Spaces”

There is a value beyond the obvious to creating “places that work“. We’ve all seen the results of well-intentioned plans which do not seem to deliver as promised; this includes the uber-controlled world of “Happy Consumerism”, endless cheap energy,  and automotive excess envisioned in the modern Zoning Codes.

An isolated strip-mall, with its back turned to the nearby subdivision (followed by the insult of a 6′ tall privacy fence with no gates along the entire length of the commercial property) looks great on paper to the planners, represents “growth” to small-town politicians, and is an easy build for developers.

Unfortunately, in practice, it doesn’t at all support how we have “lived” in our cities and villages for MILLENIA. As we grow look towards options for helping make Round Lake Beach a better place to live, let’s remember the key concept which is so opposed by use-based Zoning and those who support it: INTEGRATION!

1.  Support local economies
2.  Attract business investments
3.  Attract tourism
4.  Provide cultural opportunities
5.  Encourage volunteerism
6.  Reduce crime
7.  Improve pedestrian safety
8.  Increase use of public transportation
9.  Improve public health
10.  Improve the environment

Our local public officials, previous and current, are not trained in civic planning and land-use management… or re-working communties suffering the results of poor decisions in the past. This can also prevent them from seeing the possibilities; “doing it right” on acres of undeveloped land isn’t the only way to fix some of our infrastructure problems. (In fact, being largely “built-out”, Round Lake Beach doesn’t really have much of an option to build from scratch anymore…)

LINK: “10 Benefits of Creating Good Public Spaces

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